South Leicestershire Wing Chun Kuen, Hinckley.

The Principles

The Art of Wing Chun

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South Leicestershire Wing Chun Kuen


Wing Chun (also spelt Ving Tsun using the latin alphabet) is a traditional southern Chinese martial art for self-defence. It is based around sound scientific principles, not just techniques (see principles). Wing Chun can offer a suitable method of self defence for anyone, regardless of size, build and gender (though in general, the training methods and school are not suitable for young children). Wing Chun is not a sport, there is no competition fighting of any sort.

By the nature of the art, Wing Chun is purely for real-world self-defence, therefore, the system contains no excessive or flash techniques (i.e., jumping spinning kicks, or bizarre stances). In Wing Chun everything is simple and practical. Wing Chun is not for show. Unlike many other Chinese martial arts, the techniques are not trying to imitate animals. Everything fits in with the natural way of movement of the human body. Although the Wing Chun system's approach is simple, that does not mean it's easy.

Wing Chun can truly be described as the science of self-defence.